Метал детектор многозонов Elektral ThruScan sXi

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ThruScan sXi

• Метал детектор многозонов - 9 зони на защита
• 25 нива на защита
• Многоцветен с допълнително осветление 
• TouchPad панел
• Автоматична настройка с обкръжаващата среда
• Напрежение 70-270V 50/60Hz
• Алармен брояч
• Комуникация RS232
• Допълнително захранване UPS
• Съвременен дизайн
• SMART детектор
• LED индикация
• IR сензор за допълнителна проверка
• Настройка на времетраене на алармата


- Летища
- Посолства
- Търговски центрове
- Училища
- Затвори
- Увеселителни заведения
- Други места, където сигурността е първостепенно з


• International norm (NILECJ-0601-0602/NIJ/EN60950 Class1/IP 44 In conformity with CE European Union Norms and produced under ISO 9001: 2008 QMS and ECAC DOC 30 STANDADRD 2 COMPLIANCE 
• Multi-Zone – 9 Real Detection Zones (15 Distinct Detection Zones – Divided Scanning Area and properly displayed Zone Led Indicators with Special Coil Geometry) 
• Separate Zone Sensitivity Setting Feature 
• Whilst Normal Operation, displays IN/OUT Counters and Security Level on GRAPHICAL LCD without abbreviations so that Security Staff can easily understand 
• Capable to Detect both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metallic Threat Objects Considered Dangerous by International Security Authorities. Can detect when tested both individually and in combination and Gives Audio-Visual Alarms. Can operate at JAILHOUSE Sensitivity Spectrums!.. 
• SMART DETECTOR – Fast and consistent calibration, Automatic Sensitivity Program selects the correct sensitivity for a specific weapon or a recognized test object 
• Displays the Detected Metal Objects location on Both Side Panels LEFT/RIGHT from bottom to top with Continuous LED Zone Indicators 
• Detects all threat objects even concealed, hidden with camouflage and/or wrapped. Impossible for such threat objects to pass through the WTMD without causing an alarm. 
• No Interferences between Zones and No False Alarms 
• Homogeneous Magnetic Field – No Dead Points – Same Detection Capability from bottom to top 
• Detects Metals regardless their orientation 
• 20 sensitivity levels, 246 adjustable sensitivity steps at each, Preset NILECJ Sensitivity Program, 5 Preset Programs 
• Metal Density-Mass, Signal Strength Display at 10-level-VU meter with green, yellow, red LEDs easily allows sight from distance 
• Superior Discrimination, Precise target location identification / Graphic zone display on Control Unit 
• Auto Calibration (Automatically calibrates itself up to Environmental Conditions) No Set Up Changes necessary when relocated and/or new Magnetic Objects brought Near-By 
• Human Health friendly Very Low Frequency VLF technology, No affects to Pace Makers, Pregnant and Magnetic Media 
• Green/Red bicolor traffic through LEDs easily allows sight from distance 60 Persons/Minute and LED Alarm Indicators on side panels 
• Adjustable Random Alarm possibilities to give alarm for clean visitors at a selected ratio. 
• Record Statistics of Operation Duration, Number of Visitors and Alarms (Real/Random Alarms Separately) 
• Special Environmental Magnetic Interference Display Menu 
• Adjustable audio alarm at 10 tons/level or Soundless (Mute) operation 
• Adjustable Alarm Duration (Detection Speed Regardless Alarms) 
• Reloading the factory default settings by one-touch button Five Digit Incoming/Outgoing &;Alarm Counters (Visible/Invisible) – Reset 
• IR Protection Feature enabling perfect low false alarm operation/ Continuous Detection Mode Selection Enabled 
• Interference free Operation from other Electronic Devices and Does Not affect other Electronic Equipments. Necessary filtering precautions have been taken 
• Four-digit changeable digital Pin Code and Mechanical Lock 
• Automatic Failure Display with Continuous Self-Checking of Key Parameters. (BITE – Built-in Test Equipment) 
• Easy Programming and Display via High Resolution LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) 
• 4 Menu Languages, Standard menu in English, German, Spanish and Turkish 
• Relay output for recording CCTV, Photo Taken-Recording, controlling turnstiles, etc. on Alarms 
• STANDARD Built-in Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) enabling 2 hours operation without mains 
• Easy-to-mount and assemble walk through metal detector (15 Minutes) Male/Female Socket-Connector Design 
• Manufactured for 7/24 Continuous Operation 
• 74 cm Net Passage Width and 200 cm Net Passage Height 
• Interference free Operation at Middle Level Sensitivity of 10 cm Distance Constant Metals and 200 cm distance Moving Metallic Objects 
• Installation and Operation without interference between two detectors up to a distance of min. 5 cm 
• Audio-Visual alarms are noticeable at a range of 4 meters 
• Micro-Processor Settings does not change when there is an electricity cut-off 
• Magnetic Field inside all passage area is 0,1 Gauss 
• All Electronic Units (electronic unit, power supply, battery, adapter etc..) are inside the Equipment. No outer units. 
• Floor Fixing Corrosion Resistant Metal Footers for proper assembly and durable use. OPTIONALS 
• SCADA Remote Control Set - Send Receive- Change settings by PC, Audio-Visual alarms can be monitored Real Time by PC and can be logged into Hard Disk Software Optional 
• REAL-TIME VIDEO PROSECUTION UNIT enabling recording Alarmed Visitors Pictures/All Visitors pictures or video with Time-Stamp to SD Card ~30.000 Images Optional 
• IRDA – Remote Control Unit (Optional) 
• Detection Functions has been tested with ECAC/NIJ/TSA Test Kits and Certified


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